About The Blue Days

The Blue Days is an online diary that records the daily stories and feelings of an absolute average girl – the joy of making a perfect cake, the excitement of visiting a new place, the sudden sorrow on a rainy day, the realization after a life incident or event, the looking back after a lost period, and so on.

My motto, as suggested by this blog’s tagline Food, Places, Thoughts, (or Eat, Travel, Think, but that would ruin the flow and the literature reference, wouldn’t it) is to open my mouth (Food) and my mind (Places) to reflect on this beautiful life (Thoughts).

Why “Blue”?

I never understand why in the English language, blue symbolizes sadness and sorrow. I mean, look at the blue sky, gosh, ain’t it gorgeous? See my avatar? What else can be more bright and wonderful than that blue sky background where no trace of a single cloud can be seen? I love that blue color, life seems merrier under the blue sky.

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