Anyone knows how to make corn cake?

I’m kind of really in love with the corn cake by Givral – a very famous bakery chain in Vietnam. Their corn cake is heaven, the cream is so soft and it melts like marshmallow in your mouth. The cake base is so tender like clouds, and above all, the corn flavor and fragrance are everywhere. The moment you open the cardboard box, you can already smell corn. Every bite tastes like corn.


When I googled how to make this type of cake, I was really disappointed. The recipe is simply regular cake with whipped cream and some corn seeds in between cake layers. I think Givral cake also uses only topping cream with artificial corn flavor. So I tried my own ways. The end result I aim at is a cake with: 1/ 2 thin layers of soft sponge cake, 2/thick, soft, and melty frosting that is flooded with corn flavors and tastes. Doesn’t matter what ingredients I use.

In the first try, I used the Japanese sponge cake for the cake base. For the cream frosting, I used corn mousse made of corn custard and whipped cream. Boil 2 corns, beat 2 egg yolks with some sugar, add flour, then add the broth from the boiled corn. Steam the whole mixture on low heat until it gets to a thickened state. Mix in some gelatin when the custard is warm – not burning hot. Make sure the gelatin completely dissolves into the mixture. Then add the whipped cream, pour the mousse to cover the cake then fridge the whole thing for at least 12 hours. The result was a layer of very soft melty cream, but I could hardly taste any corn.

Second try, I used Kasutera for the cake base. Bad choice! Stick with Japanese sponge cake. Kasutera is too dry and thick. For the cream, instead of corn custard, I used condensed corn milk mixed with whipped cream for a more profound smell and taste of corn. This time I felt a bit more satisfied. It did taste more like corn, although nothing like the best-selling Givral corn cake. I guess if I could make such delicious cake in just 2 tries, Givral would have gone out of business already.

So if anyone knows any corn cake recipe, let me know and please share.

This is how I made the cream of the corn cake.

  1. Condensed corn milk
    • Separate the seeds of 2 large corns. Boil the cores with some water. When the water is boiling, reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for 15 more minutes.
    • Put the seeds and a tiny bit of the water into a blender. Blend until smooth.
    • Sift the puree through a mesh. You will get something like corn milk.
    • On low heat, stir the milk frequently. The milk will condense into a paste.
    • Remove the paste from heat source, wait for a few minutes so the paste is less hot, add gelatin and stir well so that the gelatin is well dissolved into the paste.
  2. Whipped cream
    • Beat 200 grams of whipping cream with sugar until stiff peak
    • Fold the whipped cream into the condensed corn milk.

I used a lot of gelatin, because I wanted to make sure the mousse would stand. In the end, it got a bit too rubbery compared to how I would want it to turn out.

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