My Diary Down Under – Day 7 – Gold Coast

Gold Coast is truly amazing – 70 km of beach, beautiful beach, many theme parks (that I didn’t go to), good restaurants, and an observation deck that offers a perfect view of the region.

I love beach cities with clean beach and bustling activities and nightlife, like this Gold Coast, or Miami, or Da Nang. You got the gorgeous water during the day, and the fun shopping, partying scene at night.

We started day 7 rather late, having arrived and settled at the hotel well past midnight. My mom even had to take a shower, AND put the dirty laundry in the washer before going to bed. Ha! Can this be called OCD? Breakfast, or should I call it brunch, was a cup of noodles for each of us, and a shared beef pie with a very typical Mexican flavor usually found in quesadilla. Mom wasn’t so fond of that flavor. They were all from 7-Eleven I bought last night.

We walked along the beach, from North Surfers Paradise to the Q1 building. The beach was gorgeous!!!! Long white sand, blue water, clear sky, golden sunlight, and breezy wind. It was so clean and smooth too, not a tiny single trace of trash or broken shells. Only the water was a bit too cold. Many people still happily dipped themselves into the clear blue water though. The walk was really short, but we took our time, walking, taking photos, sitting down on the many many benches along the street.


What I was impressed most about this beach was how well-equipped it was for tourists and visitors. There were bathing benches where you could lie down, comfortably, since the shape of the benches was a wave-shape, accommodating the curves of your back and neck so nicely. There were many public toilets, drinking fountains, and fountains for you to clean off the sand on the feet or even wash your whole body.

Tickets to Q1 was 25 AUD each. We could have chosen a cruise tour or this, and I didn’t regret my choice for a single second. The view from the Q1 was amazing!!!! The coast line seemed to stretch forever.


A slice of pizza for a light afternoon snack, then we returned to the hotel, took another nap until dinner time. Cavill Avenue – just a few minutes walk from the hotel – was bustling with shops, restaurants, bars, and people. You could find almost everything there. Almost, because I couldn’t find a restaurant with yabby dishes or seafood. So guess what? We went for McDonald’s. Just a huge saving, going from seafood to fast food!!!

We walked along the beach again, watching the city by night, and went back around 9 pm. We were leaving early tomorrow anyway.

We didn’t do much in Gold Coast. Beaches for me were just that – the place for you to relax, chill in the sun on the sand, sleep a lot in the hotel room, and enjoy a nice breezy walk at night. But there are a lot more you can do in Gold Coast. I considered taking the sunset cruise tour where they would take you out in the ocean, serve you a seafood dinner while watching the Gold Coast skyline glorified in the golden sunset. I also considered taking the Catch a Crab tour in Tweed Heads where you would have the chance to hunt for the huge huge huge crab using the famous yabby, and then be served fresh oyster for lunch. And of course, there are theme parks if you don’t get motion sickness, SeaWorld if you are interested, Free Skydive if you’re into adventures, tons of live bars if you (and your partner as well) like alcohol and loud music, the River cruise if you have time not to know what else to do.

Encounter of the day: I don’t know why Australians are all to nice. The landlady at our hotel/apartment for rent, when I was looking at the brochures at the reception, just walked to me and introduced some places to eat or things to do. It was Labour Day so she said many places were closed, but these places would surely still be open. Then a random lady at the Q1 building. My mom and I were taking selfies without success when she again just walked up to us and offered to help. It was hard to take good photos in that setting, so she walked around the building, chose a spot where our faces wouldn’t be dark, took multiple photos until there was one that was good. All that while 2 little kids were hugging her legs.

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