In 2 days I am visiting Australia for 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, there is a link between that event and why I am posting a piece about Eclair – a variation of cream puff. So I am clearing all my old photos from my SD card, and surprising, 3 very good photos of gorgeous Eclairs never appeared in my blog or Facebook. So it is a must I spend a few minutes writing these lines while I have tons of work to do. Life sure is tough when you are a travel addict who works 2 jobs and has a boyfriend.

Eclairs are the best dessert I make, honestly, both in terms of look and taste. It was also one of my favorite desserts back when I was in college. (Now that I remember, there was no dessert I didn’t like – except chocolate pudding and jello.) I made these based on Joy of Baking’s recipe.


Aren’t they gorgeous? The crisp shells, the rich and creamy custard, the shiny sweet and melting chocolate glaze. Yum yum!!


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