Triflavored panna cotta

My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol, so he needs to stop eating egg yolks. And thus I went to panna cotta, the beautiful pretty Italian dessert that I only tried once.

The bottom layer is vanilla, the middle one is chocolate, and the top one is coconut. Visually it’s not so great looking, but still…

My boyfriend said it was delicious. I thought so too 🙂

image-1c906f8ab12d35f8dbb6bf3180dfefbfa25a6a180ef054abcce9b23f4ce63d6d-V image-a7440b0c8c8c281dd1c30584daaa8c85ab0f32490fdc68b3da59870dccf8cfdc-V image-00788c0bed0c316f85bcb437ec920017c78f4d13596340c6cd7125b00c332dc2-V


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