Joy of baking

So… recently I have started a new hobby that I’ve never ever in my life thought I would pick up – baking, and spending time in the kitchen in general. The whole time at work I can’t wait to go home, finish my dutiful dinner and cleaning up afterward as fast as possible, so that I can start pulling out the flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cream cheese, all kinds of extracts, whip them up, stare at the pan in the oven, pray the cake won’t crack, and top it off with a layer of magically white frosting/icing.

This blog has been exclusively used for my more sophisticated, mellow and a bit dark writings, however, since I am currently working on the concept design of my new blog, which in theory will be a real diary, I will temporarily post all “misc” posts to this blog, mostly to store my memory without showing it on Facebook.

So why did I even start to bake?

The story began, maybe, half a year ago. I was craving so much for a dish of creamy chicken alfredo – my favorite dish during breaks while still a half-broke student in a fucking expensive private college in Pennsylvania. I searched the whole internet for the easiest recipe of making alfredo sauce, and searched all grocery chain stores for cream cheese. I found it, the cream cheese, in a German supermarket, and although the recipe asked for only 20 grams, the store sold it by 1 kilo.

What would I do to the rest of the cream cheese? I looked up online again, and the quickest way to get rid of it was to bake 2 cheese cakes, which was also my most favorite dessert, ever.

It was easy, I succeeded the second time I ever baked. The first time was a fluff though. My then-only-a-guy-friend boyfriend said my cheese cake looked like a burned omelet.

Done with the cheese cakes, I stopped, until about 1 month ago, I was craving for the world-renowned French macarons. I first had it in April 2014 while traveling in Paris. While its flavor didn’t impress me much, its esthetics and texture haunted me ever since. There are only about 3 shops in my city selling these elegant cookies, so I decided to make them myself, ignoring all the warnings that these are the most difficult to bake.

And I failed, of course, miserably. Almost 10 tries, and I still couldn’t make anything even slightly resemble a macaron.

But baking got to me. I tried easier types – choux cream, coconut cake, red velvet cake. Every time I baked, it got better. The choux cream took me 2nd tries to arrive at an edible product, though not pretty at all. The coconut cake – all the outsides burnt – was still pretty delicious. The red velvet cake, in my opinion my best cake so far, was soft and rich with a gorgeous layer of frosting, but the frosting cracked overnight after I put it in the fridge.

So here we go, the first pictures of my first cakes that are good enough to show 🙂DSC03327 DSC03333

Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting

DSC03335 DSC03337 DSC03338

Red velvet cake with cream cheese – butter – whip cream frosting

All the slices looked pretty messy when I cut it open, mostly because the cake has become too dry by that time, so no photos of cake slices here.

Just 2 weeks since I started to bake, 2 batches of choux cream (or cream puffs in English), 2 cakes, still a long way to go, but I hope one day there will be something I can be good at, besides studying.


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