The mangrove forest of Tra Su, An Giang

Ta Pa, despite its obvious beauty, is not the most famous destination in An Giang province. The semi-artificial mangrove forest of Trà Sư with paperbark trees is. The reason I called it semi-artificial is that all the trees, as I heard, were brought there and grown by human hands and the forest is under strict supervision and care of the local authorities.

Although open to public year-round, this eco attraction only attracts tourist during the rain season, which is approximately from May to end of October, when the water level is high enough for the duckweed fern to cover the water surface with an absolutely gorgeous green.


The highlight of this place is riding a tiny boat (you are not authorized to sail it, of course) with the lines of paperbark trees on 2 sides and the green water made from duckweed fern beneath.


If you climb up the stairs of the observation deck, you can see the whole forest laid down under you. However, what caught my eyes was a range of hills/mountains a little far away. A little game with my camera, and this is what I got.


Although more famous than Ta Pa (maybe because some provincial official invested money in this eco park, and needed people to know about it), Tra Su honestly was not my favorite. The duckweed fern – the major reason why urban residents flocked to this place during the rain season – used to harass my childhood. And sitting on a boat has never ever been my favorite type of travel.


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