Tà Pạ hill – An Giang

When my coworkers asked me if I wanted to join their trip to the Mekong Delta area, I was hesitant. I just had one trip to that region not more than 1 month before, and although it was educational and exotic, I wasn’t much interested in that type of travel. With some persuasion, I decided to join and absolutely didn’t regret any minute of that trip.

After a night on the bus, we arrived in An Giang – a province in the Mekong Delta region – around 3 am. Quickly taking a nap before sunrise, 6 of us all crashed in a 3-bed room, before setting out for the rice fields of Tà Pạ – a hill in An Giang. What a start for a great trip ahead.

From the local market where we had breakfast, we hired 2 guys to take us to Ta Pa on their local modes of transportation (honestly, I forgot its name. I was like a foreigner every time I stepped out of my dear Northern Vietnam). 20 minutes, and we arrived at the foot of the hill. A quick 20 minutes more, and this is what we embraced in our view.






So yes, that’s it, pretty rice fields and a pretty lake and the feeling of standing high above looking down, embracing a vast area of greenness in my eyes, watching the sunlight cast a golden beam on a part of that green carpet. You just need to be there, seeing it for yourself to truly feel the magnificence. And when the turquoise water of an unnamed lake stroke my heart with amusement, I simply asked myself how many of those breathtakingly beautiful less known places there are on this planet and how much left for me to see, how much of this world I am missing out.

Bonus: A close-up look at the rice fields with sugar palm trees



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