The best of my travel in 2014

The year 2014 was over, and since I love to rate a whole period of time based on some moments that strike my heart with emotions, let’s look at the best moments of my travel in 2014.
1. Navona Piazza, Rome
It was my last day in Europe. I was sitting at one end of the plaza, watching the golden sunlight gradually cast its last beams on the fountains, the artists, the tourists, the coffee shops, and the cute balconies. The late spring breeze flirted with my hair, cool enough to give me a mild chill along the spine. The music came from a harp played by an old man. Some other painters drew on their canvas the ordinary but iconic views of Rome. I closed my eyes, enjoying with all my senses the happenings around me, feeling an evasive love with this strange land. A kid reached out her hand to me, and I smiled.
2. Champs Elysee, Paris
Not the moment I first arrived in Paris, not when he replied to my text immediately even thought it was 2am, not when I was standing on the Eiffel Tower with the whole city laid out beneath me, it was when a stranger walked up to me under the rain, asking me to go for a drink with him. The encounter lasted for 30 seconds, but left such an everlasting impression on me.
3. Let’s keep the location a secret, so that I can have a place of peace in my mind to lean back on when needed
It was an early morning at the beach. I was standing on top of a rock, turning round to see him. The sea wind was playing with his shirt. Against the backdrop of sea waves rattling rocks, his skinny figure looked incredibly strong.
4. Pisa
Lying on the grass, squinting my eyes at the leaning tower, sun shines, fresh grass tickles my skin, what else could I ask for?
5. Fansipan, Vietnam
At 2200 meter above the sea level, everything became bright and clear. Certainly not one of the best moments in 2014, but absolutely one of the most memorable ones.
6. Mekong Delta, Vietnam
On the tiny boat sailing along the Mekong river, at the end of the boat (don’t even ask me what is the right term for it), when the 2-meter, 100-kg giant man stretched out his arm to guard me, explaining “She can’t swim”, suddenly there was no national boundaries, no boss – employee difference. Suddenly, he was just like a father to me.

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