The truth about fairy tales

Fairy tales are meant to make us keep our innocent faith, to believe in the end the world is fair, the good will live happily ever after and the bad will be punished. But who sees the unfair, cynical side of those tales?

Would Prince Charming love Cinderella if he first met her not in her beautiful appearance with the glorious outfit and luxurious convoy but in her true self – a poor girl in rugged clothes living with rats and mice? Would Eric take a mute naked stranger girl he found on the beach back to his castle if she didn’t have a pretty face with mesmerizing eyes? Would Sleeping Beauty ever be woken up if she was Sleeping Mediorce-Looking Girl? Beauty and the Beast is the only story in which love comes to an ugly character, with the condition that the girl is locked up in a huge castle for a long long time.

The world loves beautiful people. There’s no denying about that. There’s also nothing unfair about that either. Cinderella wouldn’t captivate Prince Charming if she didn’t dance well. Ariel wouldn’t stay long in the castle if she was just a boring mute pretty face. Sleeping Beauty wouldn’t make love last longer than the ride home if she was simply a no-brainer beauty. The huge castle and prolonged isolation only made Beauty feel more disgusted toward the Beast if he was beasty on the inside as well.

No, fairy tales don’t mention any of that. All they do is make little girls think if they look pretty, act innocent, and keep dreaming, one day the perfect prince would just appear from the jungle and with one kiss love them forever. They don’t tell those poor little girls that happiness is what you have to search for and fight for.

Because life is not a fairy tale.


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