Will you love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful ?

Youth is the most precious asset wasted by the young.

But why do they call it a waste? You exchange your young and vulnerable years for experiences that make you wise and mature. You give beauty to receive love, give strength to receive knowledge, give time to receive materials. You don’t waste the innocence of the youth. You simply grow.

And no, youth is not a gift. A gift is free and stays with you forever. Youth is not a privilege either. It gives you no rights. It is not a privilege to stomp on others, to live recklessly. It is simply an excuse, an excuse to make mistakes, to rush, to slow down, to be picky, to be naïve, to be arrogant, to be ignorant, to be stupid. Make all the mistakes you can, hurt all the people you want. You are not allowed to do that, hut you may be forgiven now. So make sure you learn from the past and remember nothing will be forgotten.

So rush into those night long parties, let that opportunity go, scoff when a good boy ask you out. Enjoy the attention you get but understand where it comes from and remember it won’t last. Nothing will. Think about the bittersweetness in your older sister’s voice when she told you to make the best out of your 23. What will you have when that vibrant energy and smooth skin leave you? What will you get when the days have gone by? Are you still the same reckless, stupid, feeble creature?

Because time waits for no one.


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