When I’m back

I will finish that walk from the Arc de Triomphe, along the Champs Elysees, and complete with hours of wandering around the Concorde, watching the cars passing by, listening to a French song and just letting the lyrics sink in.

I will wander without a map or an intention on the beautiful alleys of Rome, holding hand with someone I know for sure deserve to share that special moment and feeling with me.

I will stand in line for hours to visit the Sistine Chapel, and stare at the ceiling, without clearly understanding the magnificence and meaning of the renowned Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

I will sit down at one of the restaurants somewhere at one of those tiny alleys, eating, very slowly, the chicken fettuccine, sipping from a glass of wine, and bite the real Italian cheesecake.

I will sit in one of those famous gondolas, sailing along the Grand Canal, kissing the same man I hold hands walking on the narrow alleys of Rome.

And I will slow down, take time to treasure my privilege, stop to take in the essence of each ancient city I set foot on.

No, I won’t recreate a typical Duong Thuy’s novel, cheesy and unreal. I won’t recreate that Huyen Chip’s epic and fairy tales. I will create my own story, ordinary, dreamy, yet open. Yes, there will be a man in that story, I hope, because I know better now that life is nothing but love and being loved, that legends are nothing without your friends to witness them. The world is there for you to explore, the money is there to be spent. In the good times, you are fine by yourself, but when something bad happens, when you feel weak and want to cry, nothing matters anymore if you just have a shoulder to cry on and a friend you trust enough to share your secrets.


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