Last night in Singapore

It’s been more than 4 years since that May night in Singapore, when we walked along the Singapore River, watching the skyscrapers and historic buildings of financial district shine with millions of lights. It was late, and it was the last night I stayed in Singapore. There was no hard feeling, no regret, nothing, because honestly, Singapore didn’t leave much impression with me – just a very urban island city with a bunch of extremely modern buildings and a very hot, cloudy weather. Any city in the U.S. is cooler than that. But my friend made a big deal out of it. She wanted to walk until 2 am. I was sleepy, I was eager to go home. And I was disappointed because I spent more than I budgeted while visited less than I planned. I coulndn’t care less that it was the last night in Singapore. And it was most likely my last night, ever, in Singapore.

Yes, there is the artificial Sentosa, there is the cool Merlion, there is the Merina Sands Bay with the iconic resort that has that “boat” on top, there is the Durian theater. But I would never go back to Singapore again, unless for a business trip or to live there.

But still, some prettiest photos of Singapore:30103_1296992861668_6352662_n 30103_1296992741665_3814806_n 30103_1296990981621_5177263_n



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