When in Rome

When in Rome…

… Walk along the narrow, stoned alleys that conceal within millenniums of history, hear the echos of your own steps, jump in happiness whenever you encounter a small plaza, an ethnic restaurant, or just a cute little balcony at the least expected part of the road, to feel the ancient times, to let the quietness of the city nurture your soul, and to amuse yourself with the surprises those alleys offer

… Walk along the Tevere River, listen to the music, watch the sun gradually set over the Castel Sant Angelo, feel the warm breeze and feel the speechless of your mind as your eyes ponder upon the gorgeous view

… Drink from one of the thousands of the street fountains, taste the sweetness of the water flowing in centuries-old pipes, to quench your thirst, to live like a local, and to appreciate the mastermind and resilience of humans since ever

… Eat ice cream at one of the shops near the Trevi fountain, try flavors you never imagined (like licorice), and just day dream yourself into one of the romantic, iconic movies, where there are only you and your prince that matter

… Sit down somewhere under the sun, look up into the high, blue sky, wonder where else you could see such pure blue, treasure the fact that you’re in one of the greatest cities on earth

… Learn some Italian, talk to the locals, laugh with them, share their stories, lie to them about your love for FC Roma, fall in love with the dreamy language, the loving people and the artistic culture

… And visit the attractions that everyone knows, sure.


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