Chilling at Piazza Navona, Rome

A place where even the most arid soul becomes artistic, where the rushing slows down, where the old meets new, and where I found something very Italian, very Rome.

I could go on and on about the eternal city, the scattered ruins and the breaths of ancient times visible in every corner, every stone, every little house. It would take me days to write down a part of my love for this beautiful, wonderful city. But as always, my most favorite moment was when I could sit down, enjoy a peaceful warm afternoon, calmly watch the people around me and feel for myself the beat of the city. At Navona plaza.

As everywhere in Rome, Navona Plaza centers around the 3 fountains, of which the fountain of 4 rivers is the major one, standing in the middle of of the plaza and in front of the Church of St.Agnese.



There are so many stories of romance associated with this plaza, and as a result, it’s called the plaza of artists (and tourists, sure). In a warm breezy spring afternoon, you could watch many forms of art taking place in this crowded spot – there’s a guy playing the harp, other guys painting iconic shots of Roma, that guy at the far end performing some magic tricks. Those everyday activities put a smile on my face, as I quietly breathed in the lifestyle of Rome and enjoyed the last day in Europe. As the sun gradually set, casting a cool shadow over the plaza, more and more people turned up out of the little alleys surrounding. More people sat down at the benches, or in the ristorantes all around the plaza. The peacefulness, the beauty, the Roma soul sinked in as I sat on one of those benches at the north end of the plaza, listening to the fountain water flow, trying to take in as much as possible every detail of this magical, centuries-old spot – the cute little flower pots hanging from the windows, the happy couples walking hand in hand emerging from the cobble stoned alley, a baby girl reaching out her tiny hand to me, the late afternoon sunlight shining on my super tanned skin, the cool early spring breeze lacing into my hair.


And I closed my eyes, imagining one day, I would come back here. When I come back, I would come with him.


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