Iconic Pisa

What would have become of this town if it hadn’t been for the leaning tower?

I wondered that question as I strolled down the deserted streets of Pisa at night, looking for some places “fun” to go inside or just some eye-catching spots for photos. The following morning, I wondered that same question as I stood on top of my hotel and could look in the daylight all over the small town that reminded me of the suburban Kissimmee.

But everyone who visit Italy stops at Pisa because of the iconic leaning tower – the symbol of the country.10171196_10201954985452999_2667393080086542435_n

Originally designed as the bell tower within a complex that consisted of a baptistry, a cathedral, and a cemetery, the tower unexpectedly became famous after the weak foundation made the tower tilt significantly. At this moment, as of 2014, the tower leans at approximately 4 degrees.

No, I didn’t take any shot of me supporting, poking, kicking, doing other goofy things with the tower. Instead, I simply walked around the area, lay down on the cool spring grass, and felt the sun on my skin. It reminded me of a time not long ago, when I was still a college student, feeling extremely ecstatic at the first sign of spring, and when the weather was just warm enough, I would rush to the lawn, wearing my prettiest skirt, carrying my huge textbooks and lying on the green new grass until the sun set.


And of course, I tried to capture the familiar view from a slightly different angle.


I would make an exception in this post and include a tip that non-Catholic people might not know: The cathedral is free.


The rest (baptistry, cemetery and the tower) cost money to visit. It costs about 15 euros to visit the tower, and you will need a pretty decent health (and good amount of time) to conquer 296 steps to reach the top. It sure would be a little scary to walk on the balcony outside the tower top, feeling like the whole world is in chaos. Or you can just stand on the ground, zoom your camera lens to maximum level, and take a picture of the bell.


Nah, on second thought, I wouldn’t climb that tower even if it was free.


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