Like a roller coaster ride

Some relationships are like roller coaster rides.

They are appealing because of the excitement, the thrill, or simply because other people want them so much. So many people want them too much, and I was curious. From curiosity came delusion. I thought I wanted it, too.

There is the pounding heart at the beginning, the slow, careful start. There is the adrenaline rush with every kiss. There is the thrill with every touch and move. There are ups that take you high into the sky. There are downs that leave butterflies in your stomach. There are swerves that fill you with exciting fear. There are sudden stops, or periods of silence, that make you question and wonder.

In the end, you get down, feeling dizzy and sick. A three-minute ride and you need a whole day to get over that feeling and a whole life to forget it. But as scared and hurt as you are, you will most likely scream “Let’s do it again” out of pride, out of stubbornness, and out of the human foolish nature.

Those are the good relationships. They give you joy and excitement, giving you short disturbing moments for diversity, and leaving you with thirst for more when they end.

What about the bad relationship?

It’s like an addiction. You get involved because of a mistake, a wrong decision, a misstep. You know it’s bad for you, you know it’s destroying you, but every time, it gives you satisfaction, it makes you forget all the worries and responsibilities. For a minute, it takes you to heaven. So you keep going. You’re too weak to resist, too undetermined to set yourself free. In fact, you’re scared for it to end. You’re stuck in it for life unless something worse than an addiction hits you, or a miracle happens.

Cliche, I know, but only when you experience it, you truly get it.


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