7 days in Europe

Everyone dreams of visiting Europe some day, unless he is born and grows up there. That prosperous land is filled with beautiful landscape and thousand-years-old cities. It offers a peaceful, slower lifestyle where you can relax and enjoy life that can’t be found in the hectic, restless USA. Its cuisine and art are authentic, dating back thousands of years with greatest artists of all time.

I had the chance of touring 4 European countries in April and May of 2014. Europe in spring is most gorgeous with colorful flowers, lively green grass and leaves, blue sky, bright sunlight, mild breeze, and a little rain at night sometimes. The weather was actually perfect the week I was there, except for in the Netherlands, where it was too windy that the temperature felt like sub-zero.


I started in Paris, stayed there for 2 days. The morning of the third day, I traveled to Brussels, and only spent around 3-4 hours in that politics-rich city before continuing to Amsterdam. The fourth day was all for Holland until 9pm, at which time I boarded the night plane to Milan. We spent the morning of the fifth day in Milan and the afternoon in Pisa. Half of the sixth day was to drive to Florence, and the other half was to explore the origin city of the Renaissance. The seventh and last day was spent entirely in Rome, my most favorite city so far. It was a crazy, and obviously not-so-smart schedule to fully appreciate the beauty of those European countries, but I loved every minute of that trip. Every corner, every street, every window, they all looked pretty, serene and familiar, as if they had featured in some famous romantic movie or had appeared in my dreams many times. Everywhere I went, I could feel the beat of ancient history, the origin of Western culture. It felt surreal walking on those narrow, stone roads, looking at the little houses and their closed windows with pretty flowers at the balconies. It felt surreal just lying on the wet spring grass, closing your eyes and letting the sun mildly tickling your skin. It felt surreal cruising down the Sein, with centuries-old buildings in the renowned French architecture lined up on the banks, with the Eiffel tower gradually showing up in the distance. It felt surreal getting lost in the Europe heaven of Keuhenhof. It felt surreal watching, touching, feeling the ruins of the Roman empire or embracing with your eyes the peaceful old town of Florence. Every minute felt surreal.

This short trip didn’t satisfy my thirst for European travel but only made me want to be there more. One day I will go back. Until that time, Europe remains a heaven in my heart.


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