The many sides of Toronto

Honestly I would never say Toronto is my favorite city in the world. It is undeniably one of the most exciting, surprising ones though. Four days there and I discovered the many personalities of Toronto that should be enough to satisfy any needs and wants.

1. The modern side

Of course a city has to be urban with people and buildings and shiny shops and colorful lights and swinging doors. They are the reasons that keep pulling me to cities – their restless life with many things to do.





2. The ancient side

As appealing as modern attractions are, they should never be the highlights of any visit to any city. There should be reminders of an old time and Toronto has its centuries-old landmarks that take everyone temporarily back in time.



3. The peaceful side

Toronto offers places away from the hectic, polluted life where you could either submerge in nature or lose yourself in a nostalgic setting.



4. The cool side

I might have been on Canadian TV, who knows


5. The solemn, sophisticated side

Tony award winning play, legislative building, that’s the things you can only see in big cities. And since photography was strictly prohibited during show time of “War horse”, I could only post a photo of an actual working session inside the Ontario legislative building



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