My top 5 favorite U.S. cities

They say all comparison is irrelevant. Trying to rank the 20+ cities I have visited is a completely and extremely stupid idea, especially when I spent time in those cities very differently – some cities I went back 3-4 times, some I stayed for only 12 hours. But everyone seems a little over obsessed with rankings and lists, and so am I, I couldn’t help create this post, also as a means of summarizing and concluding an episode in my traveling life.

1. New York


Need I say why?

Honestly, I hated NYC the first time I visited it. Living in a rural, clean, absolutely green and gorgeous town for almost a year before coming to the hectic NYC, I found the rush and hassle annoying and scary. And then there was this dirtiness, this crazy multi-racial population, this expensiveness, this crowd, this feeling you couldn’t have enough air. I sworn I would never come back. Fortunately for me, US Open is held in no where but this metropolitan, and I was forced to go back, this time during the lively summer. I fell in love with the city, and kept coming back for its endless list of venues. No matter what you look for, you’ll find it there in New York – music – Madison Square Garden, musical? – Broadway, tennis – Flushing Meadows, finance – Wall Street, politics – UN headquarters, simply a place to jog and relax – Central Park, and the list goes on and on.

2. Las Vegas


Again, do I need to explain?

You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy Vegas. I don’t even have to be rich. If an underaged, almost broke college student traveling by herself could have the best time of her life in this sin city, anyone can and will fall in love with the lights, the shows, the shops, the restaurants, and the people there.

3. Nashville


A friend told me he loved Nashville and he didn’t even like country music. I could totally understand why, and even wrote a whole article about it in Layover in Nashville .

4. Los Angeles




Los Angeles has celebrities, it has beaches, it has this gorgeous sunset in the skyline. What else do you ask for?

5. Miami





It’s not only about the endless beach. It’s about how you could visit a Mediterranean mansion without leaving the country , about how you can go to the beach like that in January, about those skyscrapers that remind you there are actual lives besides the touristy ones in Miami.

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