Key West – Home of the Sunset

A few hours from Miami, Key West is an indispensable day trip destination for everyone who visits Miami. The home of the sunset hosts the southernmost point of continental U.S. and some (I heard that) amazing sunset. My life long ambition is to capture, for once in my life, a beautiful, glorious, long lasting sunset. But when I was in there, there was a storm. It was incredibly windy, and the sky was covered in dark, thick clouds.

Since the moment we left Miami Beach, the sky already looked dim and non-promising, although traces of sunlight still shimmered on the vast Pacific ocean.


I still hoped for the sunset that I always wished to embrace. I didn’t get to see that clear orange ball gradually lowering down the horizon, beneath the water, while dying the whole world in its glory. But the scene I saw was even more overwhelming and profound.



Besides the sunset, two more landmarks definitely make the list of the best things to see and/or take pictures of in Key West:

The southernmost point of continental U.S.


And mile 0 post – the end of the rainbow, the beginning of U.S. 1


Bonus: We booked the tickets for the day trip way in advance, however, as it turned out booking the ticket the day before the actual trip while you were already in Miami Beach would cost less, and you could avoid going to that island when there was a storm like we did.

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