The forgotten Orlando

In a previous post, I made it clear that I only spent time in the Orlando area because my 2 friends insisted on going to all more famous theme parks there. In the same post, I made it clear that I had no interest in the rides or the games, and always tried to find amusements in other little things. So when my friends allocated 2 days to Universal Studios, I decided to not join them (no, I am not interested in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter either) and use one of the 2 days to catch up on sleeping (you’ll be amazed how getting up at 6 in the morning and returning home around 9 at night could be so exhausting, and did I just call my hotel room “home”?) and the other to explore Orlando city.

Sitting right next to the center of world-famous theme parks and resorts, Orlando suddenly becomes the forgotten city. If I did not have a city-craze, and if the TV in my hotel room had not blasted in a loop the infomercial for downtown Orlando, I wouldn’t have spent hours riding the bus, then walking alone for hours on the deserted, sunlight-filled streets of this city with no obvious signs of fun or sightseeing-worthy spots.


I felt like I just found an ounce of gold when I saw this, an area that looks like fun. There were shops and restaurants, which would be so fun for a night out with friends. Or after 2 weeks of fast food and Panda Express, you should just go inside one of the restaurants, by yourself, and treat yourself a fancy meal of Southern style steak with an iced cold beer.


An isolated lake in the middle of downtown Orlando. I could totally picture myself sitting on a bench on the lake side, watching the sun set over the buildings, enjoying the breeze, feeding the fowls (or ducks). That’s what lakes in the cities are for anyway, isn’t it? An eco-friendly spot for the residents to gather, enjoy a bit of nature and relax after a hectic day.

And that concludes the highlights of Orlando. No wonder why it’s the forgotten land of Florida. Taking one day off from the rides and the crowd at the Walt Disney World, Universal Studio, Gatorland, Sea World, etc. for this city or not, it’s totally up to you now.

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