Forever sunny Miami

When someone thinks of Miami, they immediately think of endless beaches, sunshine, gorgeous people in bikinis, crazy hectic nightlife, and douchebagness. When I think of Miami…

… I think of a glorious sunset. The first time I ever woke up so early, sat in the cool damp wind on the dry cool sand and just stared at the distance, patiently waiting for the tiny red speck to appear over the horizon. For so long I had preferred the sunset with its long lasting effects dying the whole world in a bloody red, deadly yet glorifying. Watching the beginning of a day though was inspiring and serene, like watching everything born into life.


… I think of the Vizcaya museum and gardens. Formerly the estate of businessman James Deering, the museum reminded me of the architecture usually found in Tuscany with the sun and forever blue sky in the background, adding the persuasiveness to the scenery.


… I think of the metromovers that offer a view of the city from high above. It was like I was living in a Marvel world.


… I think of the iconic South Beach. No need to comment, right ?


… I think of the sun, the blue ocean, the port and the skyline faraway all combined in one perfect shot. Walking along the southern tip of Miami Beach was the best of the best activities to do in Miami. Forget about the authentic food, or the renowned night clubs. This view beats everything else in Miami.


… and I think of the night spent walking along the beach instead of in a crowded, noisy club. Because we already have the Big Apple and the Sin City for those kinds of life.



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