To the unnamed land of the Amish

Whenever my school had an “Amish trip” I signed up without hesitation. It was free, first of all, and I had a day off campus to have tons of healthy, innocent fun with my friends. I would never expect to visit a real Amish family, to be invited in their house and listen to their traditions. I, however, knew for sure I would get really good food, many laughs, and an infinite source of pretty-photo materials.

In courtesy of the conservative Amish, also in fear I might offend someone, and since this blog is about maintaining a written record of memories, let’s just look at the pictures of the fun, nostalgic, or inspiring moments,


The first time I saw an alpaca


Also the first time I touched a pony.

I have always had this fear of horses for no reason in particular, but this little pony was so cute I couldn’t resist petting it.


First time feeding a goat too

Let’s not forget I did these with my friends – a bunch of teenagers acting like 5-year-old kids bumping and dancing around the animals, sharing this rural joy together.


Going back to the childhood with a fun activity that aroused so much memories of a naive, careless time. It was like my life just stopped as I laughed myself back to the little house with the trees I don’t know names where I spent every summer afternoon climbing them and picking their fruits.

And did I say the rural land provided endless inspiration for great photos?



Now that’s what a true #nofilter is like

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